Josh Korda: Honoring Transparency and Disclosure

In this episode of the Wisdom Podcast we hear from Josh Korda, Dharma teacher in the Against the Stream lineage, guiding teacher of Dharmapunx NYC, and author of “Unsubscribe: Opt out of Delusion, Tune into Truth,” recently published by Wisdom. You’ll hear Josh share his navigation through the difficult emotional realities of his youth, and how battling substance abuse deepened his insights as a practitioner in the Theravada Buddhist tradition. Josh explains how the trauma of witnessing 9/11 on the streets of New York catapulted him into a re-evaluation of his priorities, ultimately paving a way for a life in teaching. As a teacher, Josh shares his reverence for transparency and disclosure, a philosophy shaped by the irreverent punk culture of his youth, as well as a key mindset of both Dharmapunx teachers and practitioners. Central to his teaching is an upholding of the Buddha’s “householder” teachings, intended to support everyday contentment, rather than the monastic goal of ultimate transcendence. You’ll learn how Josh balances both Buddhist and western psychological traditions in his spiritual counseling and teaching, as well as a preview of his forthcoming book.

Unsubscribe: Opt Out of Delusion, Tune In to Truth

A three-step guide to recovering from the modern addiction to consumerism, social withdrawal, and emotional inauthenticity—from life as you thought it had to be.

After the 9/11 terrorist attacks, Josh Korda left his high-powered advertising job—and a life of drug and alcohol addiction—to find a more satisfying way to live. In Unsubscribe, he shares his three-step guide to recovery from addiction to consumerism, self-deception, and life as you thought it had to be:

  1. Reprioritize your goals, away from a materialist vocation toward a fulfilling avocation
  2. Understand yourself and your emotional needs
  3. Connect authentically with others, leading to secure relationships and true community.

Revolutionary, compassionate, and filled with wonderfully practical exercises, Josh will help you lead a more authentic, more fulfilling life.

“Josh Korda makes Buddhism relatable and fresh, weaves in neuroscience and psychology, and serves it all up with a heaping dollop of candor, fearlessness, and wit. This book is a how-to guide for people wanting to learn how to face demons, forge deeper connections, sit comfortably in their skin, and step away from the distractions of social media and mindlessness of consumerism—things we all know will never leave us satisfied. Tune in and unsubscribe.”—Cara Buckley of The New York Times

“Josh Korda has laid out a no-nonsense psychological roadmap for anyone who wants to get to the heart of their stuck patterns. It’s rare that a teacher is so honest about himself, and it humanizes the practices, allowing the reader to see their way through to profound inner change and connection with others.”—Lodro Rinzler, author of Love Hurts

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Josh Korda is the guiding teacher of Dharmapunx NYC and is a fully empowered Dharma teacher in the Against the Stream lineage. In addition to his weekly classes and meditation retreats for both institutions, he has led online and residential retreats for Tricycle and Lion’s Roar magazines. Josh is widely known for his podcast, which has over 1.4 million downloads, and has written numerous articles on insight meditation for Tricycle, Lion’s Roar, Buddhadharma and the Huffington Post. Josh can also be seen on Viceland TV Channel’s public-service announcements and his Dharma talks are broadcast weekly on WBAI radio. He lives in New York, New York.